Pharmaceuticals Export Distributor

Key player in the pharmaceutical and medical devices international market place

Founded in 1991, Intermed Exportation is now active in 5 continents.

Thanks to our partners in France and around the world, we have become one of the leaders in the export of pharmaceutical products.

Our goal: to provide our customers with their their requirements efficiently and on time. We continually working to offer a better service.

Since 2020, Intermed Exportation has been part of Affordable Medicines Europe (AME) which represents Europe’s licensed parallel distribution industry.

Our activities

Intermed Exportation has been approved since 1993 by the French Ministry of Public Health, under reference 2021_059_7.

We operate In accordance with the requirements of the ANSM and in compliance with good wholesale distribution practices (GDP).

Our main activities:

  • Worldwide trade
  • Central purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Groupage
  • Prompt reaction times

We pay particular attention to:

  •  Security,
  •  Respect for the cold chain,
  •  Storage conditions,
  •  Product traceability,
  •  The fight against counterfeiting.

Our experts will find the right solution for your needs.

Our partners

Our Suppliers:

We have rigorously selected our suppliers, so that we can guarantee the reliability, origin, monitoring and traceability of all the products we distribute. 

The search for new sources of supply is a permanent job that motivates our teams. 

Our Clients:

Wholesalers, pharmacies, and any other entity allowed to buy pharmaceutical products.

Intermed Exportation works closely with its customers worlwide and is happy to respond to any enquiry.

Our products


  •  Controlled temperature products (2-8 C / 15-25 C) 
  •  Hospital products 
  •  Psychotropic and narcotic drugs 
  •  Immunological products 
  •  Blood products
  •  Generics 

Medical devices


Nutritional products


  Some of these products are subject to authorisation.  

Our values

Our mission: "A daily commitment for the health of Man and the planet."

Our daily actions and relationships with our partners are symbolised by our shared values :

CONFIDENCE: Evolve together with autonomy in a serene climate. Communicate transparently. Allow everyone to dare to say and act.

COMMITMENT: Moving forward together, motivated by the desire to get involved in a common goal.

RESPECT: Accept differences with kindness. Consider the other as you would like to be yourself. Listening and mutual recognition. Pay particular attention to our environment.

(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our CSR Strategy

For several years, INTERMED EXPORTATION has been developing a committed CSR policy and going further in 2021 by becoming a Company with a Mission. Its "raison d'être" reflects the conviction that the health of Man and of the planet are closely linked.

In 2023, our first mission report received a favorable opinion from the independent third-party organization, the company Quovive.

We are proud to have won these trophies which reward the company's commitment:

  • 1st prize of the CSR Trophies of the South Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, in the "Family Business" category

At the same time, the company is intensifying its actions and structuring its approach:

  • Undertakes to donate 10% of its profits to associations
  • Sign the diversity charter
  • Get CEDRE regional support to deploy an action plan
  • Obtains the silver medal on the ECOVADIS CSR rating platform

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